Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the cultivation and sale of black truffle or winter truffle, Tuber melanosporum.

Our farm is located in Sarrión, the town from which are more than half of truffles in Spain, which is known as “Spanish capital of the truffle”.


The black truffle we offer is a quality product, grown in symbiosis with mycorrhizal plants of oak, hazel. At the time of planting these seedlings were obtained from a nursery of proven experience with guaranteed and certified by a specialized center of Teruel infection. This guarantees that production is Tuber melanosporum and not other similar fungi of  lower organoleptic value. In addition, the way we grow these plants is highly ecological and environmentally friendly because we differ to avoid harmful products for it.

We have fresh black truffle season from late November to early April. Our goal is to offer a sales service black truffle with the highest level of quality and adapting to your preferences.


To collect our black truffle, we employ our dear truffle dogs trained to it, really without them would be virtually impossible task.